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Calcium-based Stabilizer Systems




Calcium-based Stabilizer Systems and zinc (Ca-Zn) are new generation stabilizers that have gained importance in the PVC market. Baerlocher is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of calcium and zinc stabilizers. Due to its innovative capacity and commitment to sustainable development, Baerlocher has developed excellent products with competitive advantage.


These type of materials show high performance as they provide excellent long-term color retention, mechanical properties and a high level of weather resistance.


This Stabilizer Systems (including Ca-Zn) are largely used in wires and cables, in window and technical profiles (also foamed ones), and in any type of pipes (such as soil and sewer pipes, foam core pipes, pressure pipes, corrugated pipes, land drainage pipes and cable ducting) as well as the corresponding fittings.


Calcium-based Stabilizer Systems have also been introduced in PVC rigid calendering film production when improved organoleptics characteristics are required, for instance as alternative to tin mercaptides in transparent food packaging application or as alternative to tin carboxylates in PVC blown films shrinkable and for candy wrap. Similarly, calcium-base systems are now an alternative to Liquid Mixed Metals (LMM) for several flexible applications, especially for the indoor ones, when stringent air quality requirements are in place (VOC).



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