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Calcium Stearate is a calcium carboxylate, classified as calcium soap. It is a common component in surfactants, certain lubricants as well as in many foods, and it is also the main element in soap lather, which is nothing more than a white solid formed by mixing soap with hard water (water with a high amount of mineral components).


It has the specter is that of a waxy white powder produced by heating stearic acid as well as calcium oxide. Calcium Stearate is easy to produce, economical, as well as low in toxicity.


Such characteristics make this product the basis of multiple applications, the most relevant of which are.



Calcium Stearate | Plastics Industry


Acid eliminator or neutralizer in concentrations up to 1000ppm, a lubricant and release agent. In addition to this function calcium stearate can be used in colorant concentrates to facilitate the dispersion of pigments. In the case of rigid PVC, it can enhance melting, increase fluidity, and reduce die swell.



Calcium Stearate | Paint Industry


Its purpose is the formation of a gel, stable with the resin as well as with the solvents, thus preventing the pigments and the loads from decanting.



Food Industry


Flow agent as well as surface conditioner in some candies, such as Smarties, Sprees, etc.



Textile Industry


Waterproofing agent for fabrics



Concrete Industry


Fluorescence containment agent for cementitious products used in the production of concrete masonry units as well as waterproofing agent.



Paper Industry


Lubricant to provide a good gloss and therefore prevent dust and cracks in the paper and cardboard production process.



Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Industry


Release agent, non-stick agent and gelling agent.



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