PVC Stabilizers

PVC Stabilizers



PVC Stabilizers are added to allow processing and improve resistance especially in outdoor applications, weather and heat ageing have an important influence on the physical properties of PVC finished articles.


Factors such as process technology involved, PVC end product technical requirements, regulatory requirements and cost, influence the choice of the stabilizer to be used.


Baerlocher stabilizers are sold under the trade name BAEROSTAB and comprise single components as well as complex formulations of these same basic components.


The BAEROSTAB range also includes liquid and solid mixed metal PVC stabilizers for plastisol processing, calendaring and flexible extrusion, as well as a range of kickers used in applications such as padded vinyl flooring.


One-pack stabilizers, sold by BAERLOCHER under the trade name BAEROPAN, are used for extrusion and injection molding of both rigid and plasticized PVC. One-pack stabilizers combine stabilizers (BAEROSTAB) with lubricants (BAEROLUB) and other additives to provide customized solutions. BAEROPAN One-packs are designed to match specific requirements in terms of long-term stability and durability along with specific processing requirements.


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