Other Chemicals

Other Chemicals



The ADPLAST® product portfolio includes a number of Other Chemicals with distinct industrial applicability.


Range of Other Chemicals | Main Application Areas:



  • Stearic Acid


    • Agricultural Industry – Phytosanitary (repellent)
    • Rubber and Tire Industry
    • Plastics Industry
    • Pyrotechnic Industry
    • Detergents and Surfactants Industry
    • Paints and Cosmetics Industry
    • Candle Industry
    • Surface Treatment Industry – Waxes



  • Calcium Stearate


    • Food Industry
    • Plastics Industry
    • Paint Industry
    • Concrete Industry
    • Paper Industry
    • Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Industry
    • Textile Industry



  • Zinc Stearate


    • Vulcanized Rubber Industry
    • Cosmetics Industry
    • Plastics Industry and Color Additives
    • Paint and Varnish Industry
    • Metal Industry
    • Plastics Industry
    • Sintering Industry I Powder Metallurgy



ADPLAST® offers tailor-made solutions capable of achieving excellent quality-performance ratios.



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