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About Us
  • About Us | Relationship with Adiscolor


About Us – In 1981 Rogério Ferreira da Silva, co-founder of Adplast and holder of great experience in the thermoplastics business since 1961, founded the company called Adiscolor.  The company’s objective is to supply colorants and additives to the Portuguese plastics manufacturing industry.



  • Relationship with the Synthetic Ropes and Cables Industry


Portugal, traditional producer of sisal ropes and cables since the 15th century, has not lost its leadership in this field, but has only adapted to the inevitable gradual replacement of sisal by synthetics. And we, Adiscolor, are proud to have contributed in a decisive and very effective way with the supply of new products, of enormous quality, but requiring a lot of technical and logistic support.



  • About Us | Company Relationship with A. Schulman Plastics


Over the course of 39 years, Rogério Ferreira da Silva has developed business relationships with the prestigious A. Schulman Plastics Group, which originated in the United States. Schulman Plastics Group, which originated in the United States of America, but is strongly developing in Europe, with production units in Belgium, Germany, England, France and Italy, among others. Adiscolor, since its formation, has functioned as an affiliate of the A. Schulman Plastics group in a close partnership relationship.



  • About Us | Relationship with Baerlocher Química Portuguesa


In 1989, a new company was created – Baerlocher Química Portuguesa, Lda.

owned 50% by Adiscolor and 50% by Baerlocher GmbH. whose object is the commercialization of stabilizers and additives for PVC. Baerlocher GmbH is a global leader in this sector.



  • Year 2019


    • Adplast founded by partners Rogério Ferreira da Silva and Pedro Ferreira da Silva.
    • Centralization in Adplast of the interests of partners A. Schulman Plastics and Baerlocher GmbH.
    • Astropol joins as partner (PVC masterbatches – colors and additives)
    • The Commercialization of Transformation Equipment begins, a project to which international reference partners are associated in distinct application areas, such as Dongshin, Ekin Makina, Epistólio, POEX and Ustuniis Makina, as well as a partnership for Engineering and Consulting projects with ENCKE.



  • Year 2022


    • The companies Malion and Dema Polimer delegate the agency and distribution of their products to Adplast.




Current management of Adplast in charge of: Pedro Ferreira da Silva




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