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IR Barriere Masterbatches


The use of our specialized infrared barrier additive systems allows the control of the climatic conditions inside plastic greenhouses such as those of small and large tunnels.


The appropriate additive system can be chosen to allow an increase of the overnight temperatures in temperate climates, commonly referred to as thermic films, as well as a reduction of daytime temperatures in hotter climes, referred to as referred to as near infrared reflectors. These modified conditions allow for optimum growing conditions which allow the producer to extend the season, increase yields and maximize profit.


A. Schulman Plastics® has developed specialized masterbatches both for thermic films and for near infrared reflectors. For example, Polybatch® IR 1515 is a high-performance infrared barrier masterbatch which offers excellent thermic properties in large and small greenhouse plastic film tunnels, and outstanding optical film properties. For hotter climes A. Schulman has developed Polybatch® NIR 7707, a masterbatch with near infrared reflector properties with excellent optical properties that eliminates the need for whitewash.


These masterbatches can be combined with some of our UV stabilizer packages to provide a integrated solution in agricultural applications.


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