Colour Masterbatch Products

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Colour Masterbatch Products


Mono Pigment

A single organic or inorganic colourant pre-dispersed into one of the Adplast Product formats. We can be guided by you if you have a specific pigment in mind or we’ll give you the advice.


Colour Specific

Formulated to the customer’s specification, working to tight tolerances and using modern spectrophotometers. You give us the target colour and the application requirements and we’ll match the colour in one of our product formats.


Special Effect

Why not bring the colour alive by combining effect pigments in one of our product formats. We can achieve a glittery sparkle, silky luster or a pearl effect. What about a colour graduation? See the colour change depending on the angle of observation!


Heat Reflective

Keep your product cool in the sun by combining Infra-red reflective pigments in one of the Adplast Product formats! Lower temperatures mean; less Polymer & Thermal degradation; Reduced thermal expansion; Cooler to touch. In a building product application, less heat transfer into buildings


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