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Antiblock Masterbatches


In all kind of plastic films for flexible packaging and industrial applications, antiblocking properties are very important for further handling, converting and retail. Plastic layers tend to stick together. The addition of an antiblocking agent creates space between 2 plastic layers (surface roughness) preventing so-called blocking. Mostly antiblocking agents are used in multilayer structure films in order to have the highest benefit. Some antiblocking particles are acting as non-migrating slipping agent.


Antiblocking agents are solid particles and can be classified as follows :


  • Source : natural – synthetic
  • Type : organic – inorganic
  • Form and size : irregular – spherical shape


The selection of an antiblocking masterbatch type is depending of the required film properties, applications and polymer used:


  • Antiblocking performance
  • Optical properties (haze, gloss, transparency)
  • Slip properties
  • Surface roughness
  • Scratch resistance
  • Filtration/dispersion


Typical properties by using Polybatch® ANTIBLOCK:


  • Facilitates winding-up
  • Allows smooth unwinding and slitting of the reels
  • Regulates the slip- and antistatic properties
  • Reduce friction between films
  • Increase output of packaging lines


Types of Antiblocks


Natural antiblocking agent

Synthetic silica

Organic particle

Film surface with antiblock

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