Industrial Products

Industrial Products

We work daily and side by side with our customers to develop new solutions in all sorts of molded industrial parts, plastic films and extruded sheets, coated wires and electric cables, pipes, water ducts and drainage and irrigation systems.


Our vast range of applications is highly diversified and includes roof covers, Geomembranes, drums and moulded drums, buckets, pallets and containers and container manufactured by Rotomolding.


Our products are developed according to the most up-to-date technology to meet the requirements of each of your applications.


We are regarded as unique suppliers of a wedded range of UV stabilizers, process auxiliaries, flame retardants, colours for use in the exterior and interior, in addition to the high consumption colors as are white and black.


We have the most advanced development laboratory (R&D) with all sorts of equipment needed to help our customers comply with local and international regulations and requirements for their industry.

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