Paints and Varnishes

Paints and Varnishes



Paints and Varnishes | Paint is the name normally given to a family of products (liquid, viscous or powdered solids) that, after application in the form of a thin layer, to a substrate converts to an opaque solid film. Inks are used to protect and color objects or surfaces.

Ink is very common and applies to almost any type of object. It is used to produce art; in industry: metal structures, automobile production, equipment, piping, electrical and electronic products; as anti-corrosion protection; in civil construction: on interior walls, on exterior surfaces, exposed to weather conditions; a large number of current and future applications, such as bottles used for perfumes and makeup.


Paints and Varnishes | Varnish, is a viscous mixture of natural substances, combined with the purpose of obtaining a protective film from moisture, weather or even artistic finish. Its raw material is obtained, usually from vegetables and their sap, then other substances added for its shine, hardness, drying, malleability for later use and commercialization. The resins are then diluted and mixed with solvents such as turpentine, thinner, alcohol, turpentine, among others. Some varnishes contain added pigments to change the natural color and obtain a satisfactory effect. There are varnishes of resins or petroleum derivatives, Nitrocellulose, polyurethane (PU), marine and polyester, they are names of types of varnishes well known in the market and used as nail polish, automotive, furniture, for musical instruments and etc. This viscous mixture is applied with a brush, doll (technique), spray or air compressor and gun.

Aiming at the specifications of the product manufacturer and the application method, the protection film obtained by the evaporation of the diluent or by the reaction, by chemical drying, with the action of the catalyst tends to be acquired.


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