Impact Modifiers for PVC

Impact Modifiers for PVC



Impact Modifiers for PVC are added to composite materials to improve the durability and toughness of plastic resins. In addition to impact performance, a number of other material characteristics such as optical and tensile properties, weatherability, processability, flammability, heat distortion and cost can also be improved by adding impact modifiers to PVC. One of the main applications of impact modifiers is in PVC resins: MBS (methyl butadiene styrene) and acrylics impact modifiers increase the impact resistance of PVC products without impairing other properties.


Impact resistance is one of the most critical properties in most plastics, especially styrenics, polyamides, PVC and thermosets. To solve this problem of fragility, a mixture with a specific polymer or copolymerization with a monomer is usually carried out, which generates a more flexible plastic material, which absorbs the energy generated by the impact and dissipates it in a non-destructive way.


The impact modification is a little complex, as it influences a lot on other properties such as fluidity, gloss, elastic modulus, maximum processing temperature, etc. Change of other properties may not be linear and proportional to the amount of modifier incorporated in the polymer.



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