Engineering and Consulting

Engineering and Consulting



Adplast offers comprehensive integrated solutions of engineering and consulting, with a commitment to an adequate turnkey approach in tune with its own proposals and clients objectives.


Adplast relies on Encke Engineering & Consulting, a comprehensive organization of highly skilled and experienced engineering professionals, to offer its clients round and comprehensive solutions, ensuring the new equipment integration in preexisting systems and facilities. Encke Engineering & Consulting professionals, when pre-auditing a target instalation, are fully qualified to advise, design and implement the necessary changes and adjustments to ensure and achieve a perfect instalation, a clean start-up and investment optimization.


The intervention sphere in every new machinery instalation project, is as thorough as the project’s particularities demand. Encke Engineering & Consulting has the necessary capacity and expertise in project development  and inherent implementation in the following fields scope:



  • Construction

Pavement adaptation and reinforcement; custom concrete support structures; custom steel structures and existing structures renovation;


  • Hydraulic

Pavement drainage, effluent collection and reference to existent infrastructure;


  • Safety

Installed fire safety renovation (detection and extinction) according to enforceable norms;


  • Power

Power supply and installed infrastructures update recommendations whenever indispensable or just recommendable;


  • Pneumatics

Installed pneumatic circuit extension and improvement recommendations, necessary or compulsory, to the existing systems and networks;


  • Cooling and cooling water systems

Existing mains connection or improvement / expansion recommendations to meet new equipments requirements;


  • Ventilation

In accordance to the updated working conditions in the facilities intervened.



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