About Us

About Us


In 1981 Mr. Rogério Ferreira da Silva, co-founder of ADPLAST , capitalizing on his large experience, since 1961, in the field of thermoplastics, founded ADISCOLOR company to develop a comprehensive offer in the additives and pigments segments for the Portuguese plastic industry , contributing to its development and prestige, namely in the traditional, secular expertise: the synthetic rope manufacture, cables and synthetic nets for various applications and especially in the naval industry.


Portugal, a traditional sisal rope producer since the 15th century, has not lost the leading characteristics in this area, only adapting to the inevitable gradual replacement of sisal with synthetic fibers. We, ADISCOLOR, are proud to have decisively contributed (decisively and very effectively with the supply of) by suppling new products, of enormous quality, but requiring highly technical and logistical support.


Over 39 years, Mr. Rogério Ferreira da Silva, built commercial relations with the prestigious group A. SCHULMAN PLASTICS, originally from the United States of America, with a significant presence in Europe with production capacity in Belgium, Germany, England, France, Italy and others. ADISCOLOR, since its formation, worked as a group A. SCHULMAN PLASTICS affiliate, in a close partnership, that ended at the closure of 2020.


In 1989 a new company was created, Baerlocher Química Portuguesa, Lda. with a 50% capital participation by ADISCOLOR  to operate in association with BAERLOCHER GmbH one of the world’s largest groups of additives and compounds producers, with headquarters in Munich and factories on every continent.


ADPLAST, founded in 2019, derives from the synergies of merging the interests of the previously mentioned partners with the innovative ASTROPOL group based in the UK essentially dedicated to the development of PVC color and additive solutions. The Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Commercial venture is launched in cooperation with renown internationally recognized partners, with expertise in several segments such as DONGSHIN, EKIN MAKINA, EPISTOLIO, LIANSU, POEX, USTUNIS MAKINA and a partnership for engineering and consulting with ENCKE


In 2021 the INDEVCO GROUP, with participated companies such as MICROMB, appoints ADPLAST as exclusive agent for Portugal.




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